Liz-Ĕ Kitchen

(pronounced as Li-Say)
Lizeria Hitalia Espadera or commonly known as “Inday Liz” among her friends and
acquaintances was born on the 25th of August 1935.
A descendant of a well-known clan of Hitalia from Sta. Barbara, Iloilo

An avid collector of antiques and flowering plants she became a founding member of the 1st Zonta Club here in Iloilo.
She often graced different social gatherings, organized social causes that helped
uplift the different projects of the Carmelite Nuns and Daughters of Charity were among
the many other institutions that she helped gather funding.

A successful business owner from the time she founded one of the first gasoline stations Mobil in 1965.
Her passion for collecting ornate gifts led her to open a Boutique in the 70’s.
For the love of food and entertaining was reflected when she opened Diolie’s Restaurant along
Plazoleta Gay in the 1980’s named after her eldest daughter.

A devoted Catholic, Cancer Survivor, Mother and Confidante.
Her passion to be of service to humanity is reflected on her entire lifetime.